Posted July 8, 2020 at 12:29 am

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are doing as well as you can be in these harrowing times. As you are already aware, pretty much all conventions have been cancelled or postponed until at least 2021 due to covid-19. That means I've lost anywhere from one third to one half of my total income for the year, if not longer. Thankfully I am lucky to be in a stable living situation with my close friends, so I'm currently in no danger of starving or being evicted. Still, losing that much money is a huge bummer, and it means keeping up with bills is a bit harder than usual. Plus, with how inconsiderate my fellow Americans are being about staying away from crowds and wearing masks, who knows how long this mess will last?

Although I'm not in an emergency situation, I would appreciate your help if you like my work. Patreon ( is my primary source of income, and even a small amount each month helps out a lot! Even just $2/month can help me with transaction fees and taxes. There are lots of exclusive goodies that you can unlock by being a patron, from being able to suggest ideas for and download exclusive wallpapers, to seeing comic pages a week in advance!

If a subscription isn't your style, then please consider buying some merchandise from me. You can get Slightly Damned books and prints from my Hivemill store (! I also sell Slightly Damned plushies and lots of cute animal-themed t-shirts, stickers, lanyards, enamel pins, and more on my Storenvy (!

And if you don't care for subscriptions, and aren't interested in buying any wares at the moment, I do occasionally open up for commissions. Openings are announced through my art sites and social media, so keep an eye out! And, hey, if you would just like to give me money, I wouldn't say no to a tip or two at this crucial time:

By the way, I am currently making preparations to launch a Kickstarter for the reprinting of Slightly Damned: Book Two! It will be very similar to the 2018 campaign to reprint Book One. I don't have a concrete launch date for it yet, as I am a bit behind on my work, but I am hoping it will happen sometime around late summer to early fall.

If money is tight right now, like it is for millions of people, but you'd still like to support me, don't underestimate the power of word of mouth! I'm just one small creator doing their best to work on their passion project. It's easy for me to be overlooked in an endless sea of entertainment and social media fighting for people's attention. Even if all you do is tell one friend that Slightly Damned's archive is worth reading, that can be a huge help! And not just because I get ad revenue from readers visiting the site... it's also because I've put a lot of time and effort into making this story, and it means a lot to me. That one suggestion might ripple out across friend circles to make a big change in someone's life. Besides, who couldn't use a bit of escapism into a fantasy world about animes--I mean Angels-- and furries--I mean Demons-- these days?

I am fortunate enough to be able to keep doing what I'm doing thanks only to the support I receive through the people who enjoy my art. Comic updates and artwork for me will continue as long as my life and mental health remain stable enough.

Remember: Black Lives Matter, Trans Rights are Human Rights, wash your hands, stay at home if you can, and wear a mask if you can't. I wish you all the best, and I hope that we can all get through this together!

Posted March 6, 2020 at 07:17 pm

Thanks to the support of readers like you, Slightly Damned has been nominated for an Ursa Major Award for "Best Graphic Story"! It's not over yet, though, as in order to win, Slightly Damned needs to get more votes than the other nominees. The competition is fierce this year, and I'm also ready happy just to be nominated, but... you know what they way: you gotta dream big!
Voting is free and easy. Just go to and follow the instructions. Thank you very much!
Posted March 14, 2019 at 06:44 pm

As of today, Slightly Damned has been going strong for 15 years. Thank you so much, everybody!

It's been a while since the following information has been on the front page, so I've updated and am putting it here so it's all visible again.


  • Slightly Damned and my other projects are supported by generous patrons on Patreon! Depending on the amount pledged, you can suggest ideas for illustrations and see exclusive art!
  • I sell stickers, t-shirts, plush dolls, pins, and more on my Storenvy!


  • I stream on weekly Picarto for patrons only on Tuesdays, and publicly on Thursdays! (But also whenever I feel like it) One random attendee may get a free drawing when the stream ends!
  • There are Slightly Damned communities made and run by fans on both


    and Telegram 

    If you know of any more I would like to share, just let me know via email or PM on social media!
  • I am quite talkative on Twitter. It's a great way to keep track of what I'm up to! @sdamned
  • I maintain several art sites with mirrored content!: deviantArt // FurAffinity // tumblr

Upcoming Conventions:

Is there a convention in your area that you'd love to see me at? Please let me know! I love traveling and checking out new places.