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When is the comic updated?
The comic is updated every Saturday. Sometimes it is updated more often depending on special circumstances.

How do you create the comics?
Once I have an idea for a comic I get some paper and I draw out a little “thumbnail” of what the page’s layout will be. I currently keep a small notebook full of page layouts and dialogue. Then on a piece of paper I draw the comic with a regular mechanical pencil. Then, I scan it (or take a photo of it) into Adobe Photoshop CS5 and work on the comic from there. I like having the sketch to guide me. I still have all of the original sketches except for three comic pages’ worth that got lost during a move. I use a WACOM Intuos4 tablet for all of my digital drawing.

How did you think of this? Where did you get your inspiration?
I used my imagination. I was forced to create some of these characters for an animation project during my junior year of high school, so I guess that’s what jumpstarted it. I get my inspiration from everything: the books and comics I read, the people I talk to, the videos I watch, the games I play, the music I listen to, etc.

How far do you plan ahead?
The story’s outline is planned out in my head for years to come. When it comes to individual page layouts, I usually plan them a couple of weeks in advance. Jokes and fine-tuning the dialogue come last.

How long does it take you to complete a page?
I’ve never timed myself when doing a comic because I get distracted so easily. I just know it takes many hours. The time required to finish a page is dependent on the size of the page, the art style I’m using, my mood, and what’s going on in my life. I would say it takes me about 2-3 days to do a page, with the activities of daily life included.

Do you have an ending in mind for the comic?
A couple, actually, depending on how long I’m able to continue working on Slightly Damned. However, if I ever feel like I need a break because I’m tired or I desire to work on other projects, I know a good stopping point for the story. It’ll leave it open for continuation, but it won’t really be a cliffhanger.

Have you ever thought of making an animated version of Slightly Damned?
Sure, an animated version would be cool. But animation takes a lot of time and effort I’d rather spend on making comics and illustrations. I’m also not an animator, so I don’t have the skills, knowledge, or programs necessary to make an animation myself. Anything beyond simple flash cartoons are usually created by a team of paid professionals, and I certainly don’t have the budget to hire anyone. And there aren’t any studios lining up to purchase the rights from me, so… oh well!

I have an idea for your comic. Want to hear it?
No. I’m perfectly capable of writing the comic without your help. If you really want your idea to be featured in a comic, why not make your own? It would be so much more rewarding that way anyway, trust me. Besides, what if you happened to have the same idea as me? If I said, “Yes, that’s exactly what I’m going to do” it would sure sound like I’m stealing your stuff. In a worst case scenario, that could end up spelling legal trouble. No thank you!

Is this a furry/anthro comic?
Slightly Damned is made to appeal to a general audience without pandering to any specific group. I want the comic to be enjoyed by as many people as possible, whether they identify as furry or not.

I have a question about death and/or reincarnation.
From now on I refuse to answer these sorts of questions, so don’t even bother asking.

What are those bandages on Rhea’s feet?
Contrary to popular belief, they are not bandages. It’s pretty much just cloth wrapped around her feet, tied on with string. [You can see what I mean in this reference sheet.]

Do the yellow stitches on Sakido’s clothes mean anything?
No. They’re not hiding any subliminal messages, and they’re not symbolic. They’re just random stitches.

As of comic 92, what’s up with Rhea? Is she alive? Is she dead? Is she a zombie? What happens if she gets killed? What happened to her stab wound?
For all intents and purposes, Rhea is alive. She needs to eat, drink, and breathe, and she can be killed. As for what happens when she dies, that’s supposed to be a mystery. Her stab wound has closed and is now a big, ugly scar.

What happens when fire/water/wind Demons get drunk?
I have been asked this question a lot ever since comic 60 came out. You know what happens when a Demon gets drunk? The same thing that happens to everyone else. Different types of Demons tend to have different reactions, but it’s pretty normal. What’s weird is what happens to them in place of hangovers. No, I’m not going to tell you what happens to them the morning after for two reasons: it’s not important to the plot, and it’s a surprise!

Can you send me a guide for Angelic to English translations?
Unfortunately, I am no J.R.R. Tolkien. All the Angelic you see in the comic is a bunch of symbols I made up on the fly. There’s no guide, no translation. It’s all nonsense.

Where is Rhea’s winter coat?
Because Rhea was trapped in Hell for a significant amount of time and popped back into Medius in the middle of winter, she won’t have a white coat until the next winter rolls around.

Why is Kieri’s hair dyed differently from the other Angels we’ve seen in the comic?
Female Angels dye most of their hair and leave a little of it white. Male Angels leave most of their hair white and dye a little of it. That’s all there is to it, really.

I’ve seen ticked off Demons with glowing eyes. Are they going berserk?
No, they’re just pissed off. Demons can make their eyes glow at will. A Demon’s body will change dramatically when they go truly berserk, and after a while they end up dying. They can’t flux in between states.

Is Darius gay? What’s the point?
I don’t know why this was a such a hard concept for people to grasp, but yes. Darius is homosexual. The point is that there is no point.

How are Cliff Sinclair and Seymour Sinclair related?
Seymour is Cliff’s uncle.

Is that Denevol on page 280?
No, it’s not. The Angel on page 280 can be seen dead in page 286.

If Kieri has to dye her hair to keep it blue, then how come we haven’t seen her white roots as time progresses?
The real answer is lazy art. I didn’t know how to portray something like this properly, so in the end I just never bothered to show it. Besides, I bet a lot of people would have just pestered me about why her hair looks funny. I’ve decided that the in-canon answer is that Kieri has dyed her hair off screen. It’s plausible; she’s been in a couple of towns and Medius has many colors of hair dye available. It’s not like Miranda’s hair naturally has purple tips.

Is Sakido dead for good?

What (web)comics do you read?
The comics I read and recommend are listed on the links page.

Any advice for an aspiring comic artist?
Write and draw what you want, not what you think will be popular. There are no shortcuts to hard work and practice. Get inspiration from everything, not just other comics. And if you don't enjoy the work, then there's no point!

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