World History

In the world there are three great gods: Gaia, Syndel, and Death.

The kind, peaceful Gaia made her home in the beautiful land of Heaven and created angels in her image. Syndel made his home in the dismal wastelands of Hell and created violent and aggressive demons. Death resides in the middle land of Purgatory, separated from Heaven and Hell by the Styx River.

The Creation of Medius
Gaia and Syndel were mostly satisfied with their creations, but wondered if they were capable of more. Death convinced the two to work together and create the land of mortals, now known as Medius. Under Death’s supervision, Gaia and Syndel crafted the lands and breathed life into the creatures of Medius.

The three gods decided not to interfere directly with Medius. Instead, they would only receive the souls of the mortals after death. Gaia and her angels rewarded those who were good enough to reach Heaven, Syndel and his demons gleefully tortured evil souls, and Death received all the rest.

Death also created the creatures Cerberus and Drazil to guard Hell and Heaven, respectively. Eventually, all souls are reincarnated and live life again in Medius until they die, repeating the cycle.

The Twelve Guardians
In the gods’ place in Medius, the Twelve Guardians were left to watch over the lands. There are three beasts for each of the four elements.

Earth: Moku the Snake, Jaspin the Mole, and Vidane the Stag.

Fire: Siara the Lynx, Rynn the Flame Dragon, and Melli the Bee.

Wind: Meeros the Mortori Bird, Fuzen’ro the Bat, and Aquilos the Falcon.

Water: Toski the Rabbit, Broxis the Wolf, and Milothys the Dolphin.

The Great War
Although Gaia and Syndel worked closely together, supervised by Death, who made sure that everything was in balance, Gaia got most of the credit for creating Medius. The mortals worshipped her as the Great Mother; Syndel was mostly shunned.

Jealous and angry, Syndel thirsted for revenge and aided a military general in the conquest of his own kingdom, starting The Great War. When victims of the battles during the evil general’s invasion of a second kingdom claimed that they saw demons, Gaia sprung into action and sent her angels to fight. Death resolved to keep neutral during the fight; his creations Cerberus and Drazil did the same.

Some of the Twelve Guardians aided Syndel in the fight; some aided Gaia. At first Syndel’s troops were too much for Gaia and her army to handle, but thanks to the brave efforts of a few mortal heroes, the forces of good won the war. And so, The Great War ended.

…or did it?