More information and characters will be added as the story continues.
As such, this page is spoiler-filled for those of you who aren’t up to date with the comic’s progress.


Main Characters

Rhea Snaketail (RAY-ah)
Age: ~17-18
Height: ~3’6″

First Appearance: Page #1



Rhea is a Jakkai who was sentenced to the Ring of the Slightly Damned in Hell after she was mysteriously murdered. Unlike most Jakkai, she was not very religious before she died. Her last name comes from her unusually long tail. Rhea is cynical and easily angered, but has a good heart. Rhea likes to tease people, especially easy targets like Buwaro and Kieri. She has a bad habit of trying to overburden herself with responsibilities. Rhea watches over Buwaro and Kieri like an overprotective older sister. Incidentally, her favorite food is rabbit.
Buwaro Elexion 
(boo-WAH-row eh-LEX-ee-on)
Age: ~14-15
Height: ~5’6″

First Appearance: Page #5



Buwaro is a fire Demon who hails from the Ring of the Slightly Damned; a ring so barren that it’s not usually counted as a part of “real” Hell. He spent most of his life completely alone with his pet rock Thadius before Rhea arrived, although Death and his older sister Sakido visited him occasionally. Buwaro is naive and foolish, but ever since he met Rhea he has been improving. Despite being a Demon, Buwaro is very kind and tries to become friends with everyone he meets. He sees Rhea as family, and eventually fell in love with the shy Angel Kieri. His last name comes from his foster father.
Pet: Thadius (rock) 

Kieri “Snowy” Suizahn
(kee-AIR-ee soo-EE-zahn) 
Age: 15-16
Height: ~5’3″ (Angel)

First Appearance (bunny): Page #95
First Appearance (Angel): Page #106


Kieri is an Angel from Heaven who was cursed by Toski, one of the Twelve Guardians, so that she would occasionally turn into a snow bunny. She was terrified of Buwaro when they first met. However, when she saw that Buwaro was friendly (and harmless), they quickly became friends and eventually fell in love. Kieri also looks up to Rhea for her confidence and savviness, as she herself has low self-esteem. Although she is very shy, she is quite powerful in combat, wielding her sword along with water and holy magic with great skill. Buwaro insists on calling her “Snowy”.
Pet: Crunky (golden wright wyvern) 

Supporting Characters

(In order of appearance)


First Appearance: Page #1


Death is… well, the Grim Reaper. It’s his job to guide souls to their proper place after they’ve died. He visited Buwaro and Rhea occasionally when they were still in Hell. Despite his scary appearance, he has a very friendly personality.


Sakido Elexion (SAH-kee-doh)
First Appearance: Page #8


Buwaro’s older sister was a wind Demon who used to live in “real” Hell before moving to the Ring of the Slightly Damned. Although Sakido made her home in the same ring, she lived alone apart from Buwaro. Unlike her younger brother, she was always very quiet and serious. Sakido was initially suspicious of Rhea when she first came to Hell, but eventually opened up to her. Her last name comes from her foster father, although she never referred to herself as such.

Iratu Elexion (ee-RAH-too)
First Appearance: Page #29


Iratu is Buwaro’s oldest sibling and a vicious alcoholic. He’s a behemoth even amongst earth Demons. Iratu lived in “real” Hell, far from his brother and sister, and rarely visited. His whereabouts are currently unknown, although it has been hinted that he left Hell for Medius before Sakido, Rhea, and Buwaro did. His last name comes from his foster father, although he has never referred to himself as such.


First Appearance: Page #49

Azurai is a hot-headed fire Demon with a foul mouth. His speech is always peppered with curses and swears. He never takes the time to think things through, always acting on impulse– often violently. He seems to show little to no respect to his superior officer, Iratu, or his comrade, Tsavo. Azurai is also a little vain, especially in regards to his horns.


First Appearance: Page #120

Lazuli is an ill-tempered water Demon with a vendetta against Kieri. She and her comrade, Talus, kidnapped Kieri and separated her from her brother and his friend. Thanks to the help of Buwaro and Rhea, Kieri escaped from their clutches. Talus was killed in battle by drowning, and Lazuli was left with a scar in her side from Kieri’s sword. She is now searching Fragaria in order to get her revenge.

Kazai Suizahn (kah-ZAI)
First Appearance: Page #148


Kazai is the twin brother of Kieri. He and his friend Sanjulo were separated from Kieri when she was kidnapped by Demons. He and Sanjulo are searching Fragaria for Kieri, while Kieri is searching for them along with Buwaro and Rhea. Kazai is described as having a very different personality from his twin sister, and was always praised for being the stronger of the two. Despite this, he and Kieri are close.

Jake “J” Thorndyke
First Appearance: Page #153


Rhea’s childhood Human friend from the mountain village of Farun. Rhea calls him by his nickname, “J”, while he calls Rhea by her nickname, “Snake”. J is clumsy with his fire magic, has a mischievous streak, and is an animal lover. Unlike Rhea, J is very easygoing and hard to provoke. This makes it easy for him to tease his Jakkai friend.
Pets: Fritz (reindeer) and Sugar (Donkey) 

Darius Elexion (DAR-ee-us)
First Appearance: Page #242


Darius is an earth Angel who was stranded in Hell during the Great War roughly 15 years prior to the comic. While there, he became the foster father of the orphaned Iratu, Sakido, and Buwaro in the Ring of the Slightly Damned. He was blinded in his right eye and keeps half his face wrapped in bandages to hide the scars. Darius modified his Angelic pendants for the use of his adopted children; Buwaro currently holds the star and sun.

Heathcliff “Cliff” Sinclair
First Appearance: Page #250


Heathcliff Sinclair is a traveler who roams Medius in a wagon with his wife Miranda, his niece Samantha, and his friend Duster. He makes his living as a peddler. Due to his travels, Heathcliff is very worldly. He does not fall for Kieri and Buwaro’s “disguises”, and resents Buwaro for being a Demon. Although he has a surly personality and is suspicious of strangers, deep down he’s really a good guy. He seems to be connected somehow to Siara the Lynx, Guardian of Fire.
Pets: Pepper (black horse) and Chestnut (brown horse) 

Samantha “Sammy” Kailum (KAI-lum)
First Appearance: Page #251


Samantha is the daughter of Heathcliff Sinclair’s deceased sister. Since her parents’ death, she has traveled around the world with her aunt and uncle. She has a sweet personality, but she is headstrong and impulsive. Samantha is not easily surprised by things such as the existence of Angels and Demons, due to her experiences living a particularly interesting nomadic lifestyle. Thanks to Duster, she learned how to communicate with Fairies.

Miranda Sinclair
First Appearance: Page #261


Heathcliff’s wife and Samantha’s aunt. Miranda is originally from The Dragon Island Archipelago southeast of Fragaria, but now she travels with her family all around Medius. Miranda has a very motherly personality, and thinks of her niece Samantha as her own daughter. She encouraged Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri to travel with her and her family. Miranda and Heathcliff argue a lot, but they love each other very much.

First Appearance: Page #263


Duster is a Fairy who looks like a moth. He is an old friend of Heathcliff’s, and he travels with the Sinclair family around Medius in their wagon. He can often be found in the front pocket of Heathcliff’s vest. Duster is a charming ladies’ man (or at least that’s what he would like to believe), and is unusual among Fairies for being able to speak common language, albeit with a thick accent.

First Appearance: Page #388


Despite looking dragon-like, Tsavo is 100% Wind Demon. He is usually stoic and serious, but is prone to loud outbursts and violence when provoked. Tsavo has a keen interest in potions, and can be considered an alchemist. There is a definite conflict of personality between him and his comrade Azurai, but he looks up to “General” Iratu with the utmost respect.

First Appearance: Page #389


A mysterious Jakkai who is working together with the demons Iratu, Azurai, and Tsavo for unknown reasons. He somehow possesses the powers of the deceased Earth Cobra Guardian, Moku. He is often exasperated at the childish feuding between Tsavo and Azurai. Moonshade’s name comes from the color of his eyes, which are the same as the twin moons of Medius.

Florina Sinclair
First Appearance: Page #596


Little “Flo” is the newest addition to the Sinclair family. She was born to Miranda and Cliff during the Flower Festival in St. Curtis. Being a newborn, she doesn’t do much besides look cute in a lynx hoodie.