Posted March 13, 2021 at 04:21 pm

Hi, folks! I hoped that when I wrote this post that there would be a new page up, but I just had a really bad week once I tried to work on comic pages. As a result, I ran out of time, so I apologize for the delay. If you want to see what the WIP page 1001 looks like, though you can see it on my Twitter and Patreon! I will resume work on it when I can. Thanks for being patient!

But I still have some good news to share! First of all, as of March 14, 2021, Slightly Damned is 17 years old. That means it's time for the annual wallpaper sale, which is when I offer every Patreon wallpaper I've made since 2014 on Gumroad for as little as $1. (You can pay more, of course, if you like what I do and want to help ensure that I can keep doing it!)

Check it out here! >> <<

Also, Sakido plushies are back in stock in my online store!

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P.S. If you're wondering about the progress of Slightly Damned Book Two, things are progressing smoothly. There were a few behind-the-scenes delays, but the proofreading is finished and we just have a few final adjustments to make before everything gets sent off to be printed!