Jan.03.17 at 03:53 am

I am going to Further Confusion 2017! I will be hosting panels on Saturday and Monday, and I will have an Artist Alley half table on Sunday ONLY. See you there!

Dec.22.16 at 02:18 pm

Slightly Damned will update this week with new pages on Friday the 23rd, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day! Then there will be no updates until January 7 & 8. In other words, that's a triple update for Christmas weekend, then no updates for New Year's weekend, then a double update once we're firmly in 2017's clutches.

Happy Holidays!

Dec.10.16 at 02:54 pm

I don't have a set schedule, but I usually stream on Picarto at least once a week! https://picarto.tv/raizap

I am also quite talkative on Twitter: @sdamned

Upcoming Conventions:

  • Further Confusion ~ January 12 - 16, San Jose, CA (Note: I will be hosting two panels [How to make a webcomic and a live drawing demonstration] and will have a half-table on Sunday ONLY)
  • Phoenix Comic Con ~ May 25 - 28, Phoenix AZ
  • Biggest Little Fur Con ~ June 1 - 4, Reno, NV

Oct.29.16 at 01:30 am

There will be no Art Wednesday, Q & A Comic, or new Slightly Damned page while I am away on my trip to England. I'll try to make up the missed updates when I get back.

I am planning to be back home on the evening of November 8. I'll use November 9 to gather information on suggestions, questions, and commissions, then spend the rest of the day recuperating. I'll try to get back to drawing by Nov 10.