Toby, a young male Hukai (Human/Jakkai Mixling)

Mixlings are hybrid people that can be born from a mixed race couple. They are also called “Bitzas” by some backwater types, although this is considered slightly rude (but not exactly a slur). Mixlings are rare in Medius because of cultural differences and complicated biological logistics. However, any pairing of races, regardless of which race member gives birth/lays an egg, has a chance of producing a Mixling child.

Mixling naming guide:

  Human Jakkai Fairy Khamega Merfolk
Human Human Hukai Fairyman Khaman Merman
Jakkai Hukai Jakkai Jafairy Jamega Merkai
Fairy Fairyman Jafairy Fairy Khafairy Merfairy
Khamega Khaman Jamega Khafairy Khamega Mermega
Merfolk Merman Merkai Merfairy Mermega Merfolk


Mixlings are sterile, meaning they cannot have children.

Angels and Demons cannot have Mixling children with Median races.

It is unknown if Angels and Demons can have Mixling children with each other.

but Chu this sounds impossible how is babby formed

...Love finds a way.