Angels are the upstanding and orderly natural citizens of Heaven. These creations of Mother Gaia do their best to make the afterlife pleasant for souls worthy enough to find their way into the Kingdom of Paradise after death. If there’s one thing they truly despise, however, it’s the savage Demons who hail from Hell.

Angels look very similar to humans except for their pointed ears, very pale skin, and their hair color. All Angels have naturally snow white hair; they dye their hair according to their element type, which also designates the design of the clothes they wear (kind of weird, huh?). Angels are also born without halos or wings- they must earn these through hard work.

Humans and Angels are born the same way, but Angels age slightly slower, so their lifespans tend to be a bit longer. Like Demons, they have no afterlife; death is permanent.

As far as magic goes, Angels are probably the best magic users in all the realms regardless of elemental affiliation. Angels are also the only race that can wield holy magic. Even wind Demons come in second place when it comes to wielding spells, but demons can also count on their physical strength. In this regard, Angels are no match.

Unlike Demons, Angels must depend on weapons and a wide knowledge of magic to survive in a fight. They are not very strong physically, and their natures are inclined towards peace and the avoidance of violence. However, due to strict training with powerful holy weaponry such as swords and arrows, the Angels were able to hold their own in The Great War against their foes when fighting became necessary. What also helped them were their strong bonds of comradery. While Demons do not trust each other and tend to work together quite poorly as a result, Angels will bravely fight to the death to defend their friends or family. Despite their gentle natures, through discipline, Angels can become very powerful warriors.

Angels and Demons really hate each other, and… wait what the!?