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Part One: To Hell and Back

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Part Four: Love and War

Book Three

Part Five: Forgive Me

Part Six: The Flower Festival

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The Story So Far (updated 4/27/2016)

Rhea Snaketail, a Jakkai, was mysteriously murdered. Not good enough for Heaven yet not bad enough for "real" Hell, she is sent by Death to The Ring of the Slightly Damned on the outskirts of Hell. There she meets a naive young Demon named Buwaro. Behind Buwaro's cheerful demeanor lies a tragic past and a terrible secret. With the help of Buwaro's sister, Rhea and Buwaro manage to escape Hell. They find themselves in the mortal world of Medius, in the country of Fragaria, in the graveyard where Rhea's corpse was once buried.

Soon Rhea and Buwaro run into an Angel in trouble named Kieri. Angels and Demons are supposed to hate each other, but Buwaro doesn't even know what an Angel is. Although she is a competent warrior, Kieri is socially awkward and struggles with an unusual curse. After Rhea and Buwaro help Kieri escape the clutches of two antagonistic Demons, they learn that she has been separated from her twin brother. Rhea and Buwaro agree to help Kieri search for him.

During their journey, Buwaro and Kieri fall in love with each other and are now happily enjoying their new relationship. Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri also join up with the Human Sinclair family: a peddler, his pregnant potion-brewing wife, their niece, and their Fairy friend. Rhea, Buwaro, and Kieri agree to travel with the Sinclairs until they reach the city of St. Curtis.

Kieri teaches Buwaro how to read and sing while en route to their destination. Eventually they reach the city, which is built around the base of a giant tree. Soon, the city's world-famous celebration of spring, the Flower Festival, begins. The group encounters a variety of Angels, Demons, strange creatures, and old friends.

The festivities are interrupted by a fierce battle among powerful demigods called Guardians. In the resulting chaos, the city is set ablaze. Demon soldiers from Hell attack citizens and begin abducting Angels left and right. Buwaro and Kieri's relationship is pushed to its limit when they must decide whether to side with each other or their families. Rhea does her best to keep herself and her friends alive while unknowingly coming closer to the reason why she was killed in the first place.

How long can Rhea keep running from her past?
Can Buwaro prove his worth?
Will Kieri ever learn to accept herself?

And did The Great War between Heaven and Hell ever really end?