Encouraged by a friend, I applied for a table at Thought Bubble, a comics festival in Leeds in the United Kingdom. And hey-- I got in! Now I need to figure out if I should accept and attend.

The decision wouldn't really be about money, since even at my best conventions I probably wouldn't turn enough of a profit to pay for my airfare to England. This would be about the experience. I've never been to England before (even though my paternal grandmother was English), but I've always wanted to visit. But more importantly, I want to meet European readers in person! I know you're out there somewhere!

I'm a very small-time cartoonist, so me being able to table in Europe is something that is not likely to happen very often. If you live in England, or even in nearby countries and would even CONSIDER coming to see me at Thought Bubble, PLEASE tell me! Email me at chu [at] raizap.com, Tweet me at @sdamned, PM me on deviantArt or Weasyl or Tumblr-- ANYTHING! You don't have to promise you'll show up or anything; I just want to know if there's any demand at all for my appearance. This is a big decision and it'd be kind of a bummer to go all that way to find, whoops, no one knows me (it'd probably still be a fun vacation though).

EDIT (3/30): I've decided to go! I really appreciate all the comments I got from people who encouraged me to take the trip. It also helped knowing that a fellow cartoonist and friend of mine was planning to attend with his girlfriend. So, uh, hopefully I can make this work and I'll see a bunch of you there!