Posted June 30, 2017 at 06:02 pm


  • Voting for Slightly Damned on Top Web Comics helps it climb the ranks and gain new readers. Plus, you'll see an exclusive NEW drawing every Wednesday AND Saturday!
  • Slightly Damned and my other projects are supported by generous patrons on Patreon! Depending on the amount pledged, you can suggest ideas for voting incentives, weekly illustrations, get backstage access, and even make the comic update more often!


  • I stream on weekly Picarto on Thursdays at 1pm Pacific, but also whenever I feel like it. One random attendee gets a free sketch when the stream ends!
  • There are Slightly Damned communities on both Discord and Telegram  If you know of any more I would like to share, just let me know via email or PM on social media!
  • I am quite talkative on Twitter. It's a great way to keep track of what I'm up to! @sdamned
  • I maintain several art sites with similar content. You can find the links at the top of the page, but here they are again just in case: deviantArt // Weasyl // tumblr

Upcoming Conventions:

...Lastly, the next episode of StarForce Media's Slightly Damned adaptation is now available!