Dec.28.15 at 02:28 pm
Hey, guys. If you missed it on my Twitter (@sdamned), then here's the skinny: Slightly Damned pages take me a long time to make. I'm feeling fatigued and frustrated, so I'm not going to work on Slightly Damned pages in January. I'm going to use that time to give my other long-neglected projects some love (Night of the Cleaning Lady, The Junk Hyenas Diner, Soprano of Time, and even the 151 Pokemon challenge and others). Hopefully by February, you guys will have enjoyed a lot more varied output from me and I'll feel somewhat refreshed!

Besides that, I'll be going to Further Confusion in January, running a table and co-hosting a panel with one of the Guests of Honor! And I'll be visiting family while I'm in the Bay Area.

I'll try to have an update ready for this coming Saturday (January 2), but I'm not making any promises.

In short, in January, the only thing you won't be getting are Slightly Damned pages. I'll still do Art Wednesdays, and for Patreon patrons, I'll still do an exclusive wallpaper for the month, and I'll still show you guys sketches. But I totally understand if patrons want to lower or rescind their pledges if they're not getting Slightly Damned pages.
Nov.28.15 at 02:14 pm
From Small Business Saturday (11/28) through Cyber Monday (11/30), I have a bunch of things on sale in my Storenvy Store! This is the FIRST TIME I’ve ever discounted these items online. And yes, free can coozies come with EVERY order, regardless if you buy a sale item or not.

my Storenvy store

Not only that, but Design By Humans has a sale going on right now with code RAIZAPBF20. You can get 20% off everything in my store, and apparel ships free!

my Design By Humans store

If digital rewards are more your thing, then please consider becoming one of my Patreon patrons! Patreon is an essential part of my livelihood, and not only does becoming a patron grant you access to exclusive sneak peaks and other goodies, the monthly milestones also affect my artistic output. Every dollar helps!

my Patreon profile
Aug.08.15 at 11:52 am
So where's the Wednesday Art in the archives? Don't worry, I haven't stopped doing it! I just decided that their presence in the archives, even temporarily, was disruptive to the experience of reading the comic. If you want to see them, they'll be uploaded to all of my art sites, which are mirrors of each other:
+ deviantArt
+ FurAffinity
+ Weasyl
+ tumblr

The only exception are the "Ask Slightly Damned" comic strips, which are only uploaded to my tumblr and Patreon.
Aug.02.15 at 01:18 pm
Hey folks! In case you didn't notice, my convention appearance plans have changed this fall. I am still definitely going to SPX on the east coast, but I decided that I unfortunately do not have the time or money to be able to make it to MICE. I've decided to attend a local convention (for me) in its place. I'm sorry I've disappointed anyone.

However, I still encourage anyone who can go to MICE in Cambridge, MA to check it out! A lot of my friends from The Center for Cartoon Studies will be there, and it's an awesome convention!
Jul.23.15 at 05:11 pm
Hi folks! In case you didn't know, the Slightly Damned store section has been updated a LOT!
There's now brand-new charms along with signed books, plushies, and buttons available on my Storenvy:

And I drew up a TON of new designs and put them alongside some old classics on my Design by Humans apparel store:
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