Jun.20.10 at 10:31 pm
I made a deviantArt group for Slightly Damned!

Zagarus has two new pieces of art in the fanart gallery!

I have nothing more to say!
Jun.20.10 at 02:12 am
This time we've got art coming from all over the place! There are 5 new pieces of art from me in my gallery, plus a new wallpaper in the downloads section, a piece of fanart by my friend Bugbyte, and new fanart from Acriseus, Clefargle, Pyrocajun, Rookzero, and SandraMJ!
Jun.13.10 at 01:29 pm
Just wanted to let you guys know that there's new fanart by Acriseus and Pyrocajun up in the gallery and that Supermark sent me French translations of pages 301-389.
Jun.12.10 at 02:15 pm
See? I really wasn't lying all these years when I said Azurai would come back someday. If you've got some free time, you guys might want to reread the first 60 pages or so of the comic. It will help with the current material and the next page.

In other news, we there's new fanart by SandraMJ, Herefornoreasontoo, and LadyFoxling in the galleries. Woo!
Jun.05.10 at 01:52 pm
Betcha didn't see that coming! The comics for the next few weeks will actually be somewhat interesting for once.

Oh, and there's 3 new images in the fanart gallery: two commissions by Crayon-Chewer and a picture by Neveko.
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