Oct.09.10 at 06:44 pm
Updated a few things:
- Pages 1-25 of the comic have been translated into German by Solidfake, who has said he will slowly but surely translate more in the coming months.
- The Oh No Robot comic transcripts have been updated to cover up to page 400. I'll catch up with the rest of the pages soon.
- Jack-o-lantern stencils are now available! The stencils from 2008 and 2009 are up in addition to one new design for this year. Feel free to contact me and request other characters if you want.

I should probably update the art gallery soon. I think.
Oct.06.10 at 07:21 pm
The new incentive is finally up after I forgot the original drawing at work yesterday! It may not look like much, but it's actually the first in a series of incentives that all relate to each other. Be sure to see it when you can!
Sep.25.10 at 03:19 pm
For a limited time only: donate any amount through PayPal and receive an exclusive wallpaper featuring the Elexion family! Note: this isn't a donation drive, so the comic will update at the same rate no much how much money is received.
Sep.18.10 at 02:05 pm
Boy it's a good thing I did all those comics and vote incentives in advance. It's going to be really hard to be productive now:
Sep.04.10 at 01:16 pm
Things to report: you can download a .zip archive of pages 301-400 on the archive page.

And yes, I will totally be updating the comic twice a week for a couple of months! I thought of holding another donation drive, but I decided to do this instead. It's also kind of an experiment of sorts. Anyway, I have my reasons for doing this, but in the end all this means for you is more comics in less time! Yay.
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